The Buccaneer of Nemaris
About The Author

Author Justin D. Delzer has been writing nearly all of his life, and has always believed writing his greatest art and passion.

He has been writing since his childhood, once filling the hard drive of the family computer full of his ideas and stories.  While attending Richfield High School he sometimes surprised teachers by turning in twenty page creative writing assignments when the assignment only called for three, or by exploring all forms of the finer arts in the school bands, choirs, and musicals.

The Buccaneer of Nemaris, the first novel of what will become a book series in the world of Gaia and its nations, was penned in the spring of 2001.   The development of Gaia and the nations of Dieteria, Cimmordia, Xavier, Tallebeck and Qui-Kinneas would follow.  As more stories and tales sprang from his pen, so too did more nations and continents... Kelcellan, Aldera, Dunn, Sylaris, Phrynn... the list goes on.

In 2003 a second novel was completed.  The Buccaneer of Nemaris:  Of Forests and Friends was written in a mere three months.  Involving the tale of Janna and the unicorn Amaryn, The Buccaneer of Nemaris:  Of Forests and Friends is a story of eternal life and death.

A third novel, The Buccaneer of Nemaris:  Of Scimitars and Sands was started in 2004, shortly before Mr. Delzer decided to bring the novels to the reading public.  The story of Ketze, a young boy who discovers a genie in the desert and embraces his destiny of uniting the nations of the Qylan Desert- all done with limited genie wishes.  This tale took much longer to complete, having been finished in the spring of 2009.

What would become the fourth novel, The Buccaneer of Nemaris:  Of Sapphires and Sirens, was also written quite quickly and was completed in the spring of 2005.  This book tells the tale of Acadia, a mermaid princess who- with the aid of a magical necklace- is forced to hide her heritage and live as a human in the nation of Kelcellan, as a power-hungry dictator covets her magical necklace to claim the power of Neptune.  Acadia must hide her nature, while attempting to maintain her identity in a twisted world that wants to exploit her, her necklace, and her family all at the same time.

Mr. Delzer's sixth novel, The Buccaneer of Nemaris:  Of Tabia and Terrors takes place in the King's Forest of Tabia, where tribes of centaurs and fairies claim territory away from the eyes of humans.  A maiden named Eileen Grandt wanders aimlessly into the woods... and is spared a death sentence, only to find her adventures have merely begun.  This novel was completed by the summer of 2006.

Two other novels have been begun but not yet fully completed between the above expansion of Gaia and, frankly, life.  The Buccaneer of Nemaris:  Of Damsels and Dragons tells the story of Anju, who wishes to serve her father's legacy but is forbidden to do so because she is a woman.  She must enlist the advice of the mysterious creature Koan in order to prove to her superiors that gender is not a limitation and the heart of a warrior lies within the soul a person possesses.  When finished, this will become the fifth novel.  The seventh novel, The Buccaneer of Nemaris:  Of Masters and Slaves explores the power of command and how mistrust and betrayal can cause the fabric of the world to collapse.  It falls upon the shoulders of a historian named Johanas Roel to assist the crew of the SS Sarashama and discover what true power is.

In 2010, Mr. Delzer decided to put his life back on track and resume schooling at Normandale Community College and later Hamline University in St. Paul.  He went on to graduate with a BFA in Creative Writing and is doing his best to find work wherever he can find it.  He has also sent a new manuscript to publishers in hopes that it will see the light of the printer soon.

Mr. Delzer resides in the Minneapolis area, continuing to write and work to make these adventures a reality.  Be sure to keep an eye out for future titles in the Buccaneer of Nemaris series!


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