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Oh the places you'll go...

Of the many lands and nations in Gaia, there are no places that don't have a story to tell a curious traveler.  Stop in any tavern in any town, and you'll probably hear about the great explorers who started the conversation.  You'll hear of the great Terrance Scyhathen, of course, who once travelled in four compass points to open trade across the oceans.  Certainly no discussion of the great explorers can complete without hearing of Martin Kalis, who was the first man to chart the interior of the Kynniayk continent and rediscover the Hall of Pherenglen in the Forest of Perpetual Rain.  

The start of any adventure, of course, lies with a single question... but sometimes unraveling that first mystery does not mean you've reached the end.  This section explores just some of the more interesting stories that have occurred throughout Gaia's immense history.


Who Was The Buccaneer of Nemaris?

Terrence K. Scyhathen, Captain of the C.S. Nemaris in 1580

Captain Scyhathen was a man who hated to stay in one place for very long.  The most interesting place, to him, was always over the next hill, beyond the next mountain, or across the next sea. 

Scyhathen grew up on a cargo ship before serving with the Alderian Navy.  He matured into a fine swordsman and navigator, working for various galleons.  A young buccaneer, he made a name for himself in the nation of Xavier and the great port of Elna City.  When a fateful storm destroyed his ship, he soon discovered work as a cartographer at the Hall of Kandon, a center for exploration that would one day become the premiere center of knowledge in the world.  Though he could draw maps better than anyone, he was not satisfied with a life so immobile and anchored.

On his thirtieth birthday, Scyhathen made a pledge to not only set foot on every nation north, south, east and west of the Crellan continent, but also chart their location in relation to Crellan and discover the true treasures of the world.  The cultures of distant nations, the ancient stories that fueled exploration, and the legendary truths behind them. 

Xavier's King Roland funded this ambition in exchange for opening trade to the outlying nations, and to aid Scyhathen's efforts he commissioned the construction of the Nemaris during the year 1556.
  Pleased with the ship's compliment, Scyhathen first set out east to Sysia, identifying it as Eastrell to the people of Xavier.  Here he found there was an honorable society based on respect and tradition.  He recorded his achievements and made many contacts in the east.

He then went north to Kynniayk to begin a quest for the Mynnac Sea, a place that has long been believed impossible to find.  Though he would fail in his endeavor, Scyhathen soon brushed off this defeat and sailed beyond Davenport west to sail along the King's Forest of Tabia and visit the desert kingdom of Qui-Kinneas.  Here he took notes on the history of the once-powerful Krynn Empire and learned many magical stories. 

Finally, hoping to achieve his dream at last, he disembarked from Grand Point south, bound for the icy Phrynn continent and immortal glory in the eyes of his peers.  This journey, however, would lead to Scyhathen's end - and the start of his legacy.

Sadly, the crew of the Nemaris and accounts of Scyhathen's final voyage were lost to time.  Some say he made it to Phrynn but became stranded in ice caps.  Others say he made it and became the King of Weston. 

Only a select few know the truth.  Perhaps this became the ultimate journey after all.

As word spread of Scyhathen's fate and his writings surfaced from obscurity, the name Scyhathen would indeed become synonymous with one who craves adventure and has a powerful will to explore.  More and more stories appear about the man who inspired the need to go beyond your fields and borders, discover what lies across that sea, and deviate from the daily doldrums in search of the unknown. 

Though what lies beyond may almost certainly be something you didn't expect, it will ultimately be something that surprise and inspires your desire to never stop exploring.


Here follows the greatest adventures in the history of Gaia.  Though much will be told in the course of these seven adventures, those accounts are merely the beginning.

There will always be more stories to discover.


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Adventure #1: 
The Buccaneer of Nemaris

The original story, as paraphrased from the lost journal of Captain Terrance Scyhathen.

This story follows the adventure of Thomas DeLeuit and his journey into the Centra Sea.  Joining the crew of the S.S. Valiant, Thomas discovers what true treasure is while attempting to unravel the mystery of Rhydar the Mystical and a series of clues which remain across the shores of the Nemaris Islands, a group of islands long believed to be a haven for demons, ghosts, villainous pirates and sirens. 

Along the way, Thomas encounters a young mermaid named Acadia, who seems innocent and immune to the legends of her home waters, and her guardian Cynthia who has not only foretold of Thomas's arrival to the islands but a great awakening that will resolve an ancient curse that has left the islands in shadow. 

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Adventure #2:
Of Forests and Friends

This account comes from the messengers of Xavier, handed down as a legend of the afterlife and the lore of wizards in the land of golden doves.

Janna Bernson is a young woman working in the service of her father, Kabal, who is Eastern Cimmordia's premiere herbalist and apothecary.  When she must trade the root of a magical plant for her father's life, she must leave her cozy home with little more than a cooking pot and a supply of herbs.  To ensure her father's safety, she will have to rely on those she meets along the perilous journey, though the eyes of the dark wizard Count Wallack are never blind to her progress.  Every encounter may be her last.

Of the many allies and foes Janna meets, her closest and fiercest friend proves to be the unicorn Amaryn, a daughter of the great Mastaphin and a soul who knows the ancient lore of both Crellan, Xavier, and the wizards who were once more prominent across the continents of Gaia. 

Together the two travelers must remain firmly upon the trail to the finish, lest the wizard punish her for failing to achieve his lofty goals.  The limited power of a unicorn and a pure-hearted young woman may seem insignificant to the power of an immortal wizard who has little patience in the eyes of eternity.

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Features of book one:

- Mystery

- Mermaids

- Wizards

- Pirates


- Greed and treasure

- Trust and Truth

- Family Legacy

Ideal for readers age
13 and up.


Features of book two:

 - Unicorns

 - Dwarves

 - Ghosts

 - Wizards

 - Horses

 - Wolves


 - Friendship

 - Eternal Recompense

 - Family

 - Honesty

 - History and Legacy

Ideal for all readers age
10 and up.

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