The Buccaneer of Nemaris
The World of Gaia
Gaia... The Land of Magic and Mystery.

A world not unlike our own, Gaia has so much to explore and uncover beneath its glittering rivers, rocky mountaintops and nations.  It is home to a number of intelligent and animal races, some considered fantastic and powerful.  Explorers of its lands and people are often revered for their journey and remembered in song and legend.

Be wary as you converse with the creatures of the world.

The Continent of Crellan

Considered by many to be the center of the world, Crellan is home to three major nations.  Dieteria and its cosmopolitan capitol of Davenport is the largest city in all of Gaia, and the leader in technology and many varieties of artistic expression, music, and beauty.  Xavier and its chief landmarsk of Sardia and Elna City are innovaters of agricultural and mineral advancements.  Third but not least is Cimmordia and its castle, known as the Great Fortress which has kept its people safe from the raiders of the Centra Sea for generations.

Crellan's highest point is Mount Ivalo, located in the Guillillinnees Mountain Range along the northeastern coast.  Other mountain ranges of note include the Vesper Range, the Idyll Wilds of central Crellan, and the Daevin Mountains in the northwest.  Many secrets ring true in the mountains, fields and forests, as well as the great Lake Seybrenne. 

Many explorers have graced the nations of Crellan.  Sir Martin Kalis hailed from Cimmordia, and the most famous explorer of all, Captain Terrance Scyhathen, was raised in Xavier.  Both traveled afar to discover other lands, such as those below.  Their accounts of such locations made the basis for many stories, covering tales of legendary creatures and treasures alike.

Tabia, Kynniayk and Eastrell

Tabia is west of Crellan and largely occupied by the King's Forest in the north and the nation of Tallebeck in the south.  On the west arm of the continent is the Qylan Desert and its nation of Qui-Kinneas.  Few travelers exist in the King's Forest, which is believed to be occupied by many tribes of horse-like beasts known as Tabians.  Dryads and fairies are also rumored to have homes in the trees.  Qui - Kinneas and Tallebeck are not without their own legends, however.  Qui-Kinneas is home to many stories of genies and djinn; immortal beings said to be able to grant any wish - though the djinn are without masters and capable of feats of incredible power.  Tallebeck is said to have been discovered by long-distance ocean travelers and protected by the creatures of the deep sea, the mercreatures - better known as mermaids and mermen.  Each of these nations are filled with charm, exotic fare, and no shortage of stories. 

Kynniayk is a continent in the north that is populated sparsely, its interior largely unexplored and sequestered from the world of men.  Many smaller nations dot its coastlines, however, including the larger nations of Aldera, Landenbrand, Dunn, Delnia and Kelcellan.  In a forest north of Aldera is one of the more mysterious known places in the world, where a perpetual rain falls across a castle rumored to hold the keys to magic and many other secrets.  Dwarves are said to live in a region near Delnia called Parack Kell, and the nation of Kelcellan in the northwest is believed to be the only nation in all of Gaia to have open trade with the people of the sea and its nearby nation of Symina.

Eastrell is the forgotten land east of Crellan and west of Tabia.  Feudal governments and  the arts of swordmaking, throwing stars, and eating with sticks all reign here.  The major nations include Sysia, Rubia, Laban, and Muhasha.  All have proud traditions of honor and respect, have talents that range in martial arts and weapon prowess, and are well versed in the knowledge of the world and how one must suffer the world in order to fully understand its many depths and levels.


Orynthassa and the Broken Continent of Magic

Though few have ever seen it, stories circulate about a land of magic south of Eastrell, west of Tabia, and east of Crellan. 

Orynthassa is a very special place in Gaia, for it is said to be the only place where liquid magic flows beneath the very ground.  This causes erratic ocean currents to deter even the most seasoned captain to turn away from its lands, and only a select few may ever see what lays beyond the Sargassa Sea.

The Frozen Continent of Phyrnn

In the frozen oceans south of Crellan is the land of ice and the continent of Phrynn.  Of all the continents in Gaia, it holds the shortest growing season at a mere four months long, and is largely covered in snow drifts and pine forests. 

However, it is not a barren hulk of ice.  Dwarves hold homes here under a dormant volcano, and the stoutest people endure despite all odds.  Rumors are also alive of creatures that resemble crabs but walk like men.

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