The Buccaneer of Nemaris

    Janna Bernson, Amaryn, and Coebe in the Mountains of Snow
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 From the first chapter, The Buccaneer of Nemaris is filled with adventure.  Check out these excerpts!



Here follows the opening of book two, The Buccaneer of Nemaris:  Of Forests and Friends.  May it lead you further into the world of Gaia.

In ancient times, Cimmordia was unified by a vast stretch of trees known as the Everbloom Forest. An untamed wilderness of endless wonder and ethereal beauty, it was governed by a family of unicorns, led by the magnificent Mastaphin. They had defended their lands with peace and understanding since the earliest days of Crellan, and families of unicorns roamed the mountains freely with none to invade their territory.

            Those were wonderful times—before men came.

            Explorers discovered the fertile lands of Cimmordia, and the first port cities were built. Ships brought hundreds of hardworking, determined men, and mighty fortresses took shape. The three great nations of Cimmordia, Dieteria, and Xavier, each in their infancy, grew larger by the day.

            With endless resources for the humans to claim as their own, mankind’s borders grew ever closer to Mastaphin’s sacred lands. Hunters invaded the forest, and the unicorns grieved to see their closest friends slain by arrows. The majestic elk, the timid rabbit, and even birds were not spared from the slaughter. Overwhelmed and outnumbered, the unicorns began to leave in search of safer regions, and the animals left with them. Slowly, their magical protection across many parts of the forest faded.

            Hunting parties found that game had become scarce, and although the king of Cimmordia protected his kingdom’s forests from hunters, the damage was done. While the animals and wildlife eventually returned, the unicorns did not.

            Divided throughout the continent, isolated and disconnected from each other, the unicorns became so few that their future grew uncertain. In a desperate move to save his people, Mastaphin decreed that if any unicorn found another that was not of the same bloodline, the two would be required to bear offspring. Separated from his own family, Mastaphin’s hopes to travel across Cimmordia in hopes of locating his own children were brutally ended by his death at the cursed hands of a mysterious outsider.

            Of course, that was long ago, before the world became ruled by men, save for the few tiny pockets of wilderness where traces of magic remain.

            One such place resides near the mighty Ernell Cape on the farthest eastern reaches of Cimmordia. Bordered by rugged shorelines and impassable mountains, the cape’s peace is untainted by an otherwise hostile world. Known for its abundant farmlands and orchards, the true treasures of the region are not valued in soil or gold but as a place ripe with enchanted beauty. Upon the rocky cliffs of the cape’s shoreline, a ring of trees surrounds sun-soaked burrows that house the Lavender Forest, the last known remnant of the great Everbloom Forest. Although a mystical presence seems to linger there, stories of Mastaphin and his kind have faded into the mists of time. Only academics, bards, and charlatan healers concern themselves with talk of unicorns. But all that will change when a young woman searching for her father enters a world only spoken of in legends.

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                                                                    PREQUEL STORY
                                  Read the prequel story for The Buccaneer of Nemaris here! 

THE WIZARD OF NEMARIS.  Before the story of Thomas and Acadia, The Wizard of Nemaris features how Thomas's father, Gregory DeLeut, and his mother Marianne owned and operated the Dancing Dragon Tavern, home of the finest ale, bread and stew that Harper's Bay had ever seen.  When word spreads of a map heist and a proposed raid on the Nemaris Islands, Gregory must set aside his family's needs and find a way to avoid revealing his magical talents in hopes of defending his past. 
(Copywrited material 2014.) 

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    Excerpt from Chapter One,
           A New Cabin Boy, of The Buccaneer of Nemaris:

            It was a warm April day, and with wildflowers beginning to bloom among the rocks along the river, everything was in a state of beauty.  Thomas looked out to sea, where a schooner was sailing by from Harper’s Bay to the distant capitol of Dieteria in the north.  He did not know the name of the city, but longed to visit such a place; even if only for a day.  Thomas knew the castle was always there, as Harper's Bay was governed by it, but his mother would never allow him to travel so far away. 

            Thomas would often sit by the waterfall to collect his thoughts and dream that someone would come to take him to see the world, but he was convinced that such a thing would probably never happen.

            Thomas enjoyed the falls not only for their peaceful beauty but also because they held a special secret—it was a place of visions.   When he was very young, Thomas had been drawn to the falls on a foggy day.  As soon as he’d arrived, the fog dissipated and a ship appeared beyond the point to the south.  A few moments later, the ship vanished, but then he heard a voice. 

            “Thomas... be good to your mother, and I shall be good to you....”

            This experience remained somewhat of a mystery until a later vision proved that the voice was indeed his father’s.  The second vision was of a horrible shipwreck on an island west of Cimmordia Castle.  The voice cried out his father’s name, a voice that often reminded Thomas of fear itself.  It was unclear if his father was speaking from beyond the grave, but Thomas knew that his father was trying to tell him something….

            Now there was no fog or mystery, and Thomas relaxed blissfully as the afternoon wore on.  The scene was indeed amazing, as the skies were crystal blue, the wind was calm, and the rhythm of the gentle waves was very soothing.  Thomas slowly began to drift asleep when suddenly the skies grew grey.

            He opened his eyes.  "A storm?"

            The winds increased.  Clouds rapidly blocked out the sunlight, and the ocean groaned as its waves grew wild.  Lightning struck as a deep voice began to shudder inside of Thomas's mind...


            ...You shall feel my wrath, my creator...



            Thomas was started as his mother's voice brought him swiftly back to reality.  All was as it had been before... as if he had dreamed it all.  But violent waves broke the ocean's surface several yards from shore.  There was a shadow in the sea, and Thomas stood up to investigate when....

            "Thomas!  Come home for dinner!"

From the First Chapter, The Buccaneer of Nemaris

"Mer-somethings, the cabin boy called 

them...  rubbish."
T.Scyhathen, Captain of the C.S. Nemaris

 Here follows an excerpt from Book One, Chapter 5: 


             At the bottom of the ridge, the sound of the fife grew louder.  There, in the shallows of the waterfall pool, a young girl with long blond hair sat with her back turned towards the two men.  She was trying to play the fife, but with little success.

            “That is my fife all right... but who is she?” Jared whispered to Thomas.

            “I think she’s my age, maybe I should try to talk to her.”

            He reached out a hand to stop Thomas. “Wait, what if she's a demon?  Like that Jennings is always saying?"

            "Jared, look at her.  Does she look like a demon to you?"

            Jared shrugged.  "No!  Not from this distance... but if she's no demon, you might scare her.”

            “She’s probably just trying to learn how to play it.  It’ll be okay.”  Thomas carefully approached the pool, stopping about ten feet from the girl.

            The air around the young girl smelled like sea lilies, and the entire scene had an aura of peace and calm.  The girl was in her own little world as she turned the fife over in her hands.  The object seemed foreign to her, yet she seemed to know it played music.

            She put the fife to her mouth, but not at the end- rather, she blew into it through one of the holes on the side.  The sound of air blowing through it was the result, rather than the steady pitch of the intended note.

            Thomas couldn’t help but offer assistance.  “If you wish, I could show you how that works.”  

            With a slight yelp, the girl slipped underwater, taking the fife with her.  She didn’t surface again, and with the exception of ripples from where she went under, there wasn’t anything else moving except for the waterfall.

            “Where’d she go?” Thomas asked, looking into the shallow water.  Although he could see the bottom, with the exception of a flat rock slightly submerged where the girl had been sitting, there was nothing else to be found.

            “Ye blew it, lad.” Jared chuckled.

                                                                                         From the Fifth Chapter, The Buccaneer of Nemaris
"Everything seemed of the ordinary... to be trapped so easily embarasses me yet to this day."


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