The Buccaneer of Nemaris

We found the islands hospitable... our prison was a paradise.

Terrance K. Scyhathen

From the log of the C.S. Nemaris, 1583

You've discovered the home of the book series by J.D.Delzer, The Buccaneer of Nemaris.

It is said that a good story can often be traded for a warm meal and good fellowship in the world of Gaia.  Pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable during your stay!


The first of the series, simply titled
The Buccaneer of Nemaris, is about the story of Thomas DeLeuit and his adventures in the Centra Sea.


Thomas's tale is an adventure of swordplay and magic.  When Thomas seeks the truth behind the disappearance of his father, he joins a cargo crew to sail the Centra Sea and follow in his father's footsteps.  During the voyage, he and the crew accidentally discover a secret treasure map that leads to the trove of a sorcerer... a sorcerer believed to play tricks on any who dare set foot upon his islands!

A terrible storm lands Thomas and his crewmates upon the forbidden Nemaris Islands.  Marooned and forced to face their fears, they explore... all the while, the map's owner, a vengeful pirate, is coming to claim his treasure!  Worse yet, a demon may be inhabiting the


The past encounters of the Nemaris befall the crew of the Valiant and history begins to repeat itself.  Is Thomas’ father alive, and if so where?  Is the treasure for real?  Or will they even be able to escape with their lives?

As Scythathen's fate afflicts the crew of the Valiant, only their luck and skill will save them from the forces of greed and ambition.


 BIG NEWS!  Finally, after six years of waiting, book two is finally ready for release!

The Buccaneer of Nemaris: 
   Of Forests and Friends

When darkness plagues the landscape, the pure of heart
shall right the course of Gaia.

Janna Bernson undertakes a journey
across the plains of Crellan in search of the fabled plant of legend, the Amaris plant, which is said to only grow in the special care of a wizard.  Of all the herbs in her father's apothecary shop, it is this very herb that will somehow save her father's life.  Finding this rare regent will force her to cross many fields, climb snowy mountains, and encounter eclectic people.  Will she succeed?  Find out after
February 19th, 2016.




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The Buccaneer of Nemaris
Written by J.D.Delzer
Cover by Katie DeSousa 
Illustrations by: Kristina Zidon
                      Christine Ponce
No. of Pages:  464
Genre:  Adventure Fantasy
Appropriate for young adult readers
ages 10 and up.
Published by Beavers Pond Press
Publication Date:  Dec 10th, 2009


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The Buccaneer of Nemaris: 
Of Forests and Friends
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Of Scimitars and Sands

The Buccaneer of Nemaris: 
Of Sapphires and Sirens

The Buccaneer of Nemaris: 
Of Tabia and Terrors


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